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How would a different universe sound?

The Überton Project aims to develop ready-to-use and open-source VST® audio plugins for instruments and sound effects based on concepts of theoretical physics.


In the virtual space we want to hear real sounds that are inaccessible by actual instruments. While there can only be unsatisfactory visual projections of higher dimensions, it is possible to simulate the true sounds produced in these spaces.

Sounds of the macro- and microcosm

Mathematics provides tools to model higher-dimensional vibrating objects and sound propagation for rooms in more than 3D, as well as vibrating strings like those of a harp - so small that quantum effects enter as a source of natural randomness.

The Überton project initially started with an academy course "Co(s)mic Sounds" and the first plugin was developed by J. Kipping, K. Levi, S. Lentner. The current development is supported by the Young Academy of Science and the University of Hamburg.

Our main goal is to also use the newly built instruments in creative expressions and art. In the academy course, the participants developed and performed a first experimental composition "Raum et ude". The audio file and the program booklet can be downloaded here.